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About us

We are a group of specialists in architectural i and interior design, , who also work in the field of industrial photography, still-life, and portrait.

We combine digital takes of high resolution with traditional analog photography.

We search for the balance between the most refined technique and artistic expression indispensable for photography.

Fris Imatge was founded in 1990 by Eugeni Bofill, Patrˆcia Cantarell, Francesc Morera, and Roser Puigdefõbregas.

Francesc Morera
is Fris Imatge today
In 1994, we introduced new technologies and the digital processing of images, becoming pioneers in the application of these technologies.
Since its inception, Fris has collaborated with institutions and businesses to produce work of remarkable interest

We in particular emphasize our audiovisual work on Modernist architecture which we produced for the Exhibition organized by the Cultural Olympics in 1991

tracking the construction of the Rondes in Barcelona by IMPU, or the audiovisual of the repairs of the Gran Teatre del Liceu.